Projects 3_Department of ED CPIC

Client: Department of Education

The Challenge

In 2001, the United States Department of Education (ED) was mandated by Congress to assist states in developing effective electronic transfer of student records. One part of this initiative was the development of a Migrant Student Information Exchange Database (MSIX) that shares migrant student records between states. To create a useful database, ED sought input from state migrant system users by hosting a series of user group meetings. After the system was deployed, ED continued to host meetings to train users on the system and refined the system and the Department’s outreach efforts.

The Solution

CPMS have successfully increased the efficiency of investment management for the MSIX program since becoming a valued partner. Since becoming a partner on the team, CPMS taken the MSIX business case from a Yellow status on the Federal IT Dashboard, to a Green status, where it currently maintains.

•Update cost, schedule and performance information on Federal IT Dashboard for each OMB Exhibit 300
•Prepare Baseline Change Request and Corrective Action Plan for the MSIX OMB Exhibit 300 business case when required
•Prepare annual Operational Analysis Report (OAR) for MSIX.
•Prepared and delivered presentation on CPIC
•Develop Alternative of Analysis Report for the MSIX Cloud Computing initiative
•Delivered quarterly OMB 300 updates to the Records Exchange Advice, Communication, and Technical Support (REACTS) and RESULTS projects, which are non-major business cases
•Provide expertise in all areas of IT investment management including earned value analysis and OMB directives for Information Technology projects.
•Prepare investment materials to support ED IT oversight reviews for MSIX and RESULTS business cases.
•Provide research information on the ED Enterprise Architecture (ED EA), the Federal Enterprise Architecture Business Reference Model (FEA BRM) and the ED Capital Planning and Investment Control (eCPIC) processes as necessary to complete the updates in a timely manner.
•Provide OME with budget formulation and execution services for MSIX, REACTS and RESULTS.
•Manage and respond to Migrant IT investment(s) data calls that may come from the Department or OMB.
•Provide CPIC training to the Government, System Integrator (SI) and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) staff semiannually. This training explained the CPIC process, each CPIC Phase in detail, Federal IT Dashboard, Program Assessment and corresponding Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). This training is intended to provide insight into the CPIC process for Government and contractors who are new to CPIC. The training will include updated guidelines from ED, OMB, GAO and any other federal mandate(s) in regards to CPIC and EA.
•Utilize the Department’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Investment and Acquisition Management Team (IAMT) Microsoft SharePoint as repository for all Program Assessment documentation, CAPs and Program Assessments.
•Utilize eCPIC to make all monthly, quarterly and annual updates to the major and non-major Migrant IT investments.
•Utilize the eRoom tool to review requirements, meeting documentation and various reports from the System Integrator.


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