Projects 4_ATF CyberSecurity

Client: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

The Challenge

The ATF ISSO mission is to provide the vision, leadership, direction and integrated security services to the Bureau. ATF relies heavily on information technology (IT) to run its daily operations and deliver products and services. With increasing reliance on IT, a growing complexity of IT infrastructure, and a constantly changing information security threat and risk environment, information security has become a mission essential function for ATF. This function must be managed and governed to reduce the risks to ATF operations and to ensure the Bureau’s ability fulfill its mission.

The Solution

The support CPMS provided was instrumental in strengthening CyberSecurity services across the Bureau. In addition, the Bureau has successfully piloted and implemented a robust mobile solution for ATF employees and agents in the field. From policy analysis and on-site assessments to monitoring and sustainment, our team became trusted providers of enterprise cybersecurity and information assurance for ATF.

•Cyber Intelligence Analysis
•Certification and Accreditation
•Development of the ATF Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
•Manage and update the various ATF IT Security Policies (Information Security Policy, IT Contingency Policy, Incident Response Policy, Vulnerability Management)
•Serve as a liaison between the ATF Information Systems Security Office (ISSO) and the Department of Justice and other DOJ components as well as, internal Information Technology Operational organizations
•Computer Network Defense
•Computer and Network Forensics
•Enterprise Services Operations
•Information Assurance Vulnerability Management
•Network Security Engineering
•Systems Security, Engineering and Integration
•Wireless Engineering and Security
•IT Security Training (IT Security Awareness, Contingency Planning, Incident Response, Insider Threat, and Vulnerability Management)


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